Belnuto Dieta

BD = ***


We shall adopt the original ancient Greek definition: DIETA (ancient Greek) = good nutrition.

We understand good nutrition (BD = ***) to be the following:

A balanced and rich diet,

  • where the food is tasty = *
  • where the food satisfies the appetite quickly (following the principle: “The benefit is not found in the quantity”(ancient Greek) = *
  • where the food guarantees to satisfy the appetite for several hours (a sign of good nutritional quality) = *

Following the BELNUTO Dieta-definition, very few food products deserve a three-star rating. (BD = ***).

Nutrients do not have the same effect on everybody. We believe that it's only good if it works for you personally

We also take from the ancient Greeks the understanding that every human being is unique as a result of:

  • hereditary disposition, body height, muscle mass, education, climate impact, exposure to stress.
  • other factors such as age, time constraints, limited income, professional and/or family environment.
  • the opportunity to be active in your everyday life, hobbies/sports.

History teaches us that great cultures have only been created where men with all their differences have found harmony. Men have a natural motivation to strive for something better. A good diet is an important component to strive for that something better

Problems in the 21st century :

Greenhouse vegetables, fertilized fields, fruits contaminated with pesticides, intensive animal breeding on the one hand and on the other hand a lack of time and money means that people do not have a choice with regard to where they shop and the quality of food they buy. We hear about the good quality of the "discounted food supermarkets" yet why do we still ask ourselves why people are constantly gaining weight…?

Too many kilos annoy almost all of us. Therefore everybody should discover for themselves what good nutrition means. For us, food is only good if it deserves the three stars of the BELNUTO Dieta (BD=***).


For the second personal fitness factor of the BELNUTO Dieta, we refer again to the ancient Greeks who said:

" Only in a healthy body can a healthy soul live "

( Ancient Greek Philosophy )

Everybody should be physically active as far as he is able. Hobbies and/or sport and fitness are very beneficial when combined with good nutrition. We offer you some helpful suggestions which we have tested and we believe in. Scientific conclusions change, we change, the environment changes, each person is different….Therefore we do not want to create dogmas but to appreciate new insights and suggestions from you.

Nutrition tips :
  1. Only choose food which can be awarded three BELNUTO Dieta stars (BD=***). Unfortunately there are even some bio food products which do not correspond to the BD =*** requirements. Choose good and cold-pressed oils, pulses (peanuts, beans and lentils), honey, and cacao….
    In northern Europe especially it is not easy to find foods with complex carbohydrates suppliers. Therefore create meals which contain more protein products (such as low fat milk products, rich fish, lean meat, eggs ….). Carbohydrates are only recommended if they deserve three stars.(BD = ***)!
  2. Preferably eat in the Mediterranean manner with more courses: starter, main course, dessert. Take your time when eating - this is very important. At least 15 minutes should be taken between each course.
  3. Get sufficient sleep. According to a survey by the University of Chicago (2003), leptin levels are lower with little sleep. Experiments showed that when people are deprived of sleep, they eat up to 1000 more calories than usual.
  4. Play the sport or do the hobby you enjoy the most because you'll be more motivated to persist at this. Being active over a longer period of time helps your fitness and improves your body shape as the body reduces unnecessary fat, builds muscles and muscles burns more energy….You can easily play sports you like for more than 40 minutes, even if it does not look "very sporty", ... Stay active for over 60 minutes and keep going regardless of how well you are doing it. Your fitness levels will quickly improve.
  5. A long-lasting expiry date for food (best-before date) is generally only possible by adding preservatives....
  6. Avoid products from multinational companies who try to produce every product in order to dominate the market. Producers should only make what they are experts at producing. Judge for yourself how many BD-stars a food product deserves.
  7. Fat is not always detrimental. Vegetable fat (cacao butter), cold pressed olive oils and fish fat are even necessary for a good and balanced diet. Avoid animal fat – they have more calories and can not easily be metabolized.
  8. Only eat if you are hungry .
  9. The end of the calorie fairytale. It is useless to count calories. Everybody can understand that a 1000 calorie fast food meal cannot be compared to a 1000 calorie three star whole foods menu (BD=***).
  10. Just buy products with (BD = ***)

110.000.000 products / year have the
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